Volunteering – Your Way
Volunteering – Your Way

Volunteering – Your Way

Whatever your interests may be, you can make a valuable contribution as a volunteer, in lots of different ways.

Four Main Reasons to Volunteer

  1. Make a contribution to society.
  2. Share your skills.
  3. Support a cause.
  4. Do something meaningful with your friends and colleagues.

One of these reasons probably makes sense for you. You may already be working as a volunteer or are thinking about what you might want to do next. Whatever your reason, there are many different opportunities out there-and organizations that need your help.

Finding the right volunteer opportunity can be like finding the right job fit–and it can change, just like a job can.

Does this sound like you?

You know what matters to you and where you want to contribute

Do you? You could…
Have experience in marketing? Help an organization plan their public relations campaign.
Drive a bus? Renew that license and take a hockey team to a tournament.
Know how to fundraise? Help an organization apply for grants or tap into corporate donors.
Have financial or IT expertise? Join a board of directors or design a website.
Like to be outdoors? Walk a dog at your local Humane Society.

You aren’t sure how you want to contribute and might want to try something new

You might want to think about ways to:
Connect to a cause that matters to you.
Respond to a need in your community.
Make an inventory of your skills and experience and match them to opportunities.
Join your friends and family on their favorite projects, or bring a friend to one of yours.

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