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Insurance policies are save life and thus, require focused research when you decide to purchase them. In fact, in the earlier times, buying insurance policies meant spending long hours at the agent’s office. In contrast, nowadays, insurance policies are often seen as instruments that can help you in the most difficult of situations. This change in people’s outlook and, indeed, the characteristic of insurance policies can be directly attributed to them being available online.

The internet has simplified the buying process of insurance policies. Buying insurance policies online gives you many options to choose from and there are times you might be unable to decide which one to buy. The best way to decide would be to compare travel insurance policies. For instance, if you are a senior citizen then you must choose travel insurance for senior citizens. Similarly, if you are going to study abroad then you must choose student insurance. Thus, one must think and then decide as to which policy suits him/her the most.

The first thing to keep in mind more than trip policy is the budget that you have already decided upon. There are numerous insurance policies in the online market and you need to understand that there will always be that one policy that is better than the one that you are considering. Therefore, you should never get tempted by a travel insurance policy that is beyond your budget. Furthermore, one more thing to keep in mind is that the internet has a policy that suits everyone’s needs. Hence, you should never stop searching and keep comparing travel insurance policies and settle for a policy that suits your needs. If you continue looking you are sure to find a policy that will have just the right coverage features.

When you compare travel insurance policies, you should not focus on features and the costs as individual costs. Instead, you can try to combine the two and go for a policy that provides you with the perfect blend with respect to your needs. For instance, while searching for your parents you must opt for policies like travel insurance for senior citizens. The relation between the investment that you are making and the services you will get for is very important. If you really wish to be thorough while comparing travel insurance policies then you must consider the network of the insurance providers and other additional benefits that the provider provides to its customers.

A look at the above mentioned points draws some clarity upon the topic of buying insuring. A combination of your research, budget, coverage, premium and needs will definitely help you decide as to which type of insurance you would like to invest in.


Secure Your Seniors Health with Medigap Insurance

Health has forever been a great cause of concern for humankind right from the ages. There are many unforeseen events and unexpected turns in life that always prompt people to find a reliable health partner to tide over such harmful periods. Insurance coverage is one aspect that secures life and ensures a peaceful life by covering medical costs and bills that often strike without information. Seniors are more prone to the risks of health due to their old age and almost negligible income. It’s thus vital to secure seniors health with medigap insurance plans to let them live the life peacefully.

The market is crammed with plans and programs that claim to cover medical costs and offer impeccable plans to lend a helping hand to seniors in the US. Picking the right plan is really a tough task for easy availability of a whole lot of information which often put users in a catch-22 situation. A sensible decision and a good medigap insurance plan would be realized through a reliable and experienced partner. Medigap for seniors intends to be your ideal partner to help find the best insurance plan available in the market.

Medigap for seniors not only helps with the right selection of insurance plan, but also stops seniors from coughing up anything at the time of treatment ever at a health center, provided Medicare Insurance is accepted at the hospital. A right partner enables a hassle-free life and almost 100% coverage on all approved medicare claims. Mind you that Medigap Insurance plans are provided by many companies on different rates and you would need someone to eliminate the inconsistency of price to let you get the best company at the lowest rate.

Those in their mid and late 60s should have the means to cover all their medical needs and bills. More than a few companies offer a wide variety of plans to resemble PPO, HMO, or PFFS. There are few listed guidelines and norms to be met to qualify for these medigap insurance plans. Such insurance plans have been designed to offer coverage for a wide range of heath problems. Costs and advantages of medicare plans show a discrepancy across the states in the US among the providers.

If you plan to get proper coverage to secure the life, medigap insurance plans are for you. Seniors in the US must pick a right partner to find the plan that offers maximum protection and coverage at the minimum possible cost. Your medical expenses and bills must be dealt with care to lead a happy life.


Welcome to senior citizen aid

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Again, lesson plans visual impairment you can choose to either search the whole plans mall or search the specific store visual you are currently in by clicking the appropriate button featured directly below the search box. how does the electronic shopping cart work? how do i place an order? shopping carts keep track of the impairment items you might like to order. when you see an item you”re interested in, click on the order now button so you lesson don”t forget about it. this will put the item in your shopping cart.

Putting an item in your shopping cart does not mean you have to order it! to continue shopping, simply click on the continue shopping button at the bottom of your shopping cart and browse at your leisure. you can take items in and out of your cart any time. think of it as an online grocery list. when you”re plans finished shopping, you can review what”s in your cart, keep the things you really want, and delete the ones you don”t by simply clicking.

Again, lesson plans visual impairment you can choose to either search the whole plans mall or search the specific store visual you are currently in by clicking the appropriate button featured directly below the search box. how does the electronic shopping cart work? how do i place an order? shopping carts keep track of the impairment items you might like to order.

When you see an item you”re interested in, click on the order now button so you lesson don”t forget about it. this will put the item in your shopping cart. putting an item in your shopping cart does not mean you have to order it! to continue shopping, simply click on the continue shopping button at the bottom of your shopping cart and browse at your leisure. you can take items in and out of your cart any time. think of it as an online grocery list. when you”re plans finished shopping, you can review what”s in your cart, keep the things you really want, and delete the ones you don”t by simply clicking.


Critical Illness Insurance – What is this all about?

Critical illness insurance, also known as critical illness cover or dread disease policy, is an insurance product wherein the insurer is contracted to make a lump sum cash payment should the policyholder get diagnosed with one of the illnesses on the list as part of an insurance policy. If you are looking to get this type of insurance, it is equally important that you first try to get critical illness insurance quote from different insurance providers. This will allow you to determine how much you need to pay for the insurance.

critical illness insurance quoteThese days, having critical illness insurance actually helps in complementing medical and disability income coverage you may get from your insurance provider. The insurance coverage itself helps in providing ease as to the financial impact that a critical illness can bring, especially since it is a lump sum you will be getting from your insurance provider, it can greatly lower your financial burden brought about by additional expenses. In fact, advancements in modern medicine has allowed many critical illnesses like heart attack, stroke, or cancer to be recoverable.

Most medical plans actually provide coverage on hospital and medical expenses that arise from critical illness. However, there are still some expenses that are not covered by medical plans. A critical illness insurance policy will feature the following:

  • Lump sum payment for you to use
  • Dependent coverage
  • Convenient payment options
  • No obligation to submit expense receipts
  • Coverage that can go with you should you leave your employer

Of course, when getting a critical illness insurance, it is important for you to understand the exclusions as well as the limitations of the coverage of the insurance policy. While the insurance does greatly complement medical and disability income coverage, knowing and understanding the confines of the policy is still very important. Nevertheless, with critical illness insurance coverage, should you be struck with any of the listed critical illness, the financial impact of that certain illness can be greatly eased thanks to the lump sum you can get from the insurer.

There are many types of insurances available. However, when it comes to employee benefits, one of the best ones to get is critical illness insurance as this is a form of protection that will provide the policyholder with lump sum payment should they develop any critical illness that is covered in the list of critical illnesses by the insurer. Everybody is aware and understands the burden and financial strain of getting and developing any critical illness. However, without any form of financial relief, this burden and strain can greatly cause the afflicted with more weight on their shoulders. By being properly insured with critical illness insurance, this burden can be made lighter as the insurer will be paying a lump sum to the policyholder.

In Canada, it is estimated that over 70,000 heart attacks occur each year, along with 40,000-50,000 strokes each year. Additionally, around 3,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer every single week. Considering the quaint population of Canada, this number is still a lot. Although one cannot really fight falling under this statistics, by having critical illness insurance, you can however lower your burden should you develop or be diagnosed with one.

Teen Insurance vs. Senior Insurance

Since statistics show that female drivers are safer than male drivers, it is easier for them to lower their auto insurance rates. The following are some factors that influence auto insurance rates for a female driver:

Having a job that has less life-threatening risks would surely help in cutting auto insurance costs of a female driver. So, do not forget to mention this to your auto insurance carrier if you are a woman with inactive office work to avail of more discounts.

For women over the age of fifty, more discounts on auto insurance are available. This is because research shows that women over fifty tend to have fewer claims than women of other ages. But if you are a senior citizen, you can further minimize your auto insurance rates because you are already eligible for senior citizen discounts.

Generally, drivers from urban areas are considered high risk drivers because there is a higher probability for vehicular accidents to occur in urban areas than in rural places. So, female drivers who reside in rural areas will get lower auto insurance rates. Or if you are a female driver who has moved from the city to the suburbs or to the countryside, you can ask for lower auto insurance rates.

If your auto insurance company also offers other types of insurance policies, such as homeowner’s insurance policy, you could get lower rates on your auto insurance premium if you avail of their other services. This is actually advisable because, typically, buying different types of insurance policies from various companies would actually make you spend more.

Lastly, your car’s mileage also affects the cost of your auto insurance policy. If your vehicle’s mileage is below your auto insurance company’s limit, you will get more discounts. This is because the lesser you drive, the lesser risks of accident you’ll have, not to mention your car being in good condition for a longer period of time.

So, take note of these factors if you are a female driver. This information will surely help you in lowering your auto insurance rates.

Senior citizens may pose higher risk than drivers of other age groups. This means higher auto insurance rates for them. Most senior citizens just keep on renewing their current policy without checking if they could get cheaper prices because they do not want to go through all the hassles of switching their auto insurance policy.

Here is what senior citizens can do to lower auto insurance rates:

Taking driver safety classes will surely cut costs. A driver safety class is a refresher course that will help senior citizen drivers brush up on their driving skills since new cars are handled differently, and this also updates them with new rules.

Another thing senior citizens can do is update the safety features (like seat cushion, pedal extension, corrective mirrors) of the car that they drive, especially if it is an older car. In buying a new car, senior citizens must make sure that the features of the car fit their physical needs. Some of these features are fully adjustable seats, rear-view mirrors, side air bags and lightweight doors. Alarm system will also help lower auto insurance rates. Just remember that the safer the vehicle is, the cheaper the auto insurance policy can be.

It is also advisable for senior citizens to prepare their health record because some auto insurance carriers would want to know the physical condition of the senior citizen driver.

Now, here are some tips on finding the proper auto insurance company:

Talking to people will surely help because this can give them some idea on auto insurance rates. Younger members of the family can be firsthand source of information, especially on understanding new terms. Senior citizens can also tell their needs to a local agency and get some professional opinions and also a personal auto insurance quote.

The Internet is also a good source of information on how to avail of lower auto insurance rates. This saves time, and seniors can search and compare more prices and offers from more auto insurance carriers. Younger members of the family can assist them with getting auto insurance quotes online.

The idea is not to feel that it is too much hassle to switch. These guidelines can surely help you enjoy your senior years without having to pay more than necessary.

Author: Shay West

Volunteering – A Canadian Way Of Life

Volunteering is a big part of Canadian life. Many Canadians are generous when it comes to helping others. Every year, 12.5 million volunteers give their time, energy and skills to make our communities better.

According to Volunteer Canada, much of what Canadians take for granted is delivered to us by volunteers. The work of volunteers is essential to our communities and to our social fabric.

Canada’s Volunteer Crunch

Over twelve million volunteers in Canada is a lot, but a small percentage of Canadians are carrying most of the load, and most of them are already in their seventies. As they step down and become fewer in number, a whole new generation of volunteers needs to fill their places -in new and varied ways.

First Time Volunteer? What To Expect

The best part about volunteering is that you will have a chance to contribute to something you care deeply about. You will have an opportunity to use your skills in a meaningful way and meet new people who share your interests.

You have rights and responsibilities

Know the Code
The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement is a good place to learn about your role and the standards that non-profit organizations strive to uphold.

As a volunteer, you have the right to expect orientation and training, to give and to receive feedback, and to receive assignments that reflect the mission or purpose of the organization.

All I want to do is help, why do I have to be screened?
All organizations that provide programs to vulnerable people – like children, seniors or people with disabilities – whether run by staff or volunteers, have a responsibility to appropriately screen their volunteers.

Five Tips To Get You Started

  1. At Volunteer Canada, you will find a wealth of information, including links to the national network of Volunteer Centres. These Volunteer Centres can help you find opportunities close to home or far away.
  2. Start with a cause that matters to you
  3. Search online for websites and information related to your cause or issue.
    For social causes, you can also try online directories. For example, the 211 system offers both a phone and online directory of community services. 211 service is available in many parts of Canada, and the list is growing. United Way organizations fund local community services in many parts of Canada. Most of these organizations are looking for volunteers and you can really make a difference.
  4. Attend a benefit, festival or event that links to your passion.
    You’ll meet other people who share interests and passions and this may lead to even more opportunities.
  5. Search for specific opportunities online
    There are many online resources available that link to real-time volunteer openings. Two examples are the Charity Village online search or the Workopolis Readiness Quiz which help you to match your interests with volunteer opportunities right across Canada.
  6. Spread the word!
    Use your own networks to find out about volunteer activities. Tell friends and family what you are looking for and mention your skills and interests.

Recruiting Baby Boomers As Volunteers

Baby boomers are busy people. There is lots of competition for their attention and their time, so you’ll need strategic and targeted recruitment efforts.

The four C’s of recruitment

  1. Connect to boomers
    Reach and connect to baby boomers through key influencers, like their peers. If you have baby boomer volunteers already involved in your organization, they are your very best recruitment ambassadors. Research shows that word of mouth promotion is one of the best ways to recruit volunteers. Encourage your current baby boomer volunteers to spread the word and encourage others to get involved.Baby boomers are highly influenced by expert opinion. Use evidence-based research findings or testimonials from experts or high profile members of the community.

    Many of Canada’s baby boomers are in the workforce – either full-time or part-time – so workplaces are important places to connect with them. Target workplaces that match the volunteer needs of your organization. Explain how employees’ particular qualifications would help further your cause. If there are baby boomers nearing retirement connect with them and give a personal invitation to find out more about volunteering with your organization. One way to do this is to get on the agenda of retirement planning seminars or “lunch and learn” events offered through HR departments.

    You can also connect with baby boomer volunteers out in the community. Consider organizing activities and services that families can do together and offer opportunities for intergenerational volunteering. For example, many families are looking for opportunities to give of their time during the holiday season. Look for opportunities to speak about your organization at places where baby boomers gather – like running clubs, yoga studios, lectures, arts or sports events. Have your best and brightest ambassadors there to talk to about volunteering. And don’t forget your own clients! Users of your services will very often come back to volunteer. You just need to ask.

    Finally, connect with potential baby boomer volunteers online. More and more baby boomers are looking for information of every kind online. An easy way to promote your volunteer opportunities is to make sure that they can “Google” you to find the information they need. There are also several options for posting your recruitment message online through your local volunteer centre’s website, CharityVillage.com or Workopolis. When they click the link and go to your website, make sure that your website is current and welcoming. Since many baby boomers are also using social networking sites, consider connecting with them there. To find out more about new media tools like blogs, wikis, social networks and podcasts, click here.

  2. Create key messages
    When you have a sense of where to connect with potential baby boomer volunteers, you’ll need to create key messages that build on what we know about baby boomers and what motivates them.

    Motivations for baby boomers General recruitment messages
    Commitment to a cause-and making a difference Volunteering builds your community.Link the volunteer position directly to the mission of the organization
    Personal development (mental and spiritual) Find new purpose.
    Concern for health and well being Boost your health and reduce your stress.
    Meet other people who share interests and passions Volunteering is social networking–and fun.
  3. Customize for different baby boomer audiences
    Baby boomers are a huge group with wide ranging ages, interests and backgrounds so you will need to segment your audience and recruit accordingly. For example, baby boomers who were born in South Asia may not relate to boomer pop references from North America. Similarly, baby boomers who were born in the 1960s have different priorities than older boomers.
  4. Communicate widely with high quality materials
    Baby boomers respond to professional high quality packaging so keep that in mind when you create and assemble your recruitment materials (like annual reports, mission statements, position descriptions, goals and program descriptions, etc.) Make sure that your online and print communication materials have the same high quality standards. Use your local media to publicize your cause or your service at every opportunity and appeal to experienced seasoned members of the community directly. Research shows that of the top volunteers in Canada 20% responded to information in the media.

Why Volunteer?

Benefits to the Community – and You

  • Volunteering builds your community
    Volunteering encourages interaction between people living in a community and strengthens community connections.

When you volunteer, you are actually improving the life of your own community, and creating social capital at the same time. Social capital is a kind of currency for healthy living and grows when people in the community are involved in civic activities and earn the trust and cooperation of others. The more social capital there is, the healthier and more vibrant your community.

  • Boost your own health
    Feeling connected to community can also play a key role in how healthy you feel. According to researchers from Harvard University, volunteering is a reflection of social connectedness, which is strongly associated with the health of the people in that community.

Results from the Canadian Community Health Survey, which takes a close look at how connected Canadians feel from coast to coast, show that two-thirds (64%) have a strong sense of community belonging. Of this group, two-thirds also feel that their health is excellent or very good.

  • Reduce your stress
    According to Harvard cardiologist Herbert Benson, known for his work on the relaxation response (the body’s ability to shift into a deep state of rest), the health benefits of doing good things for others are similar to those experienced by anyone who practices yoga, spirituality and meditation, namely a slowing down of heart rate and a decrease in blood pressure.The key may lie in the sense of calmness that comes from helping others, also known as the helper’s high. These altruistic feelings reinforce the sense that one’s life has a purpose. In turn, this enhances self-esteem, which then provides the motivation for a person to make better lifestyle choices.
  • Find new purpose
    As we grow older, volunteering appears to give new meaning to life, reducing anxiety and depression and increasing life satisfaction.Indeed, a University of Michigan Study of 423 older couples found that people who make a contribution to the lives of others may help to extend their own lives.

Benefits beyond your health

  • In 2000, the National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating found that people were able to describe the benefits they gained from volunteering:
    • 79% of volunteers said that their volunteer activities helped them with their interpersonal skills, such as understanding people better, motivating others and dealing with difficult situations;
    • 68% of volunteers said that volunteering helped them develop better communication skills;
    • 63% reported increased knowledge about issues related to their volunteering.